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In a day we can cover 2-3 of these activities depending on how many groups are being catered for during the day. If there is a particular activity that you'd really like us to include in your day, please let us know. I have other non-templated activities for older children. If your class is Year 7 or 8, please let us know and we can choose alternative activities.

Please print the templates we choose together on light card prior to our activity day. You'll need one copy per student, plus a few spares for those who make mistakes along the way, or for teachers to use to demonstrate techniques for cutting / gluing.

Year 0 - 3 Template - Solar System Hats


Year 0 - 4 Template - Astronaut Bookmarks


Year 0 - 6 Templates


Year 3 - 6 Template - Astronaut Puppets


Year 6 - 8 Templates


These rockets are made of paper but are launched with a film canister that is filled with water, along with an aspro clear tablet to create a fizzy reaction propelling the rocket skywards.

Safety glasses must be worn.

Suitable for small groups, maximum 30 students.