Privacy Policy

 This policy covers how Science Alive collects, uses and disclose users' personal data.


Science Alive may utilise, collect or disclose data when users access the website, including the online science shop and the Science Alive Facebook page.


This policy also covers any data collected through the Science Alive Twitter accounts and email campaigns sent through Mailchimp (, or from any Science Alive email addresses.

We will take appropriate steps to protect the information you share with us. For example, your email address and personal details will not be shared with third parties. There will also be an 'Opt Out option in any email campaign we send.

The data collected by Science Alive may include:

  • How site users came to Science Alive websites/web presences

  • User names, contact information and questions, where provided by the user

  • User demographics including language, country and city

  • Duration of visits, number of pages viewed, click through paths

  • Users' computer system data (e.g. operating system, browser used)

  • Users' contact information and activity within email campaigns

  • New subscribers received via our web presence or email: including your name, contact information and reason for contact

  • Data where emails are forwarded to other contacts

  • Number of emails received/bounced/opened

  • Number of unsubscribed email responses

  • New subscribers received via our web presence or email: including your name, contact information and reason for contact.


Science Alive retains the right to contact individuals who enter their details on our websites or in an email to a Science Alive staff member, and who request further information.

Tracking information allows us to better understand the audience of the website and informs our decisions about programmes, marketing and other future developments.


We may share Mailchimp, Facebook and other website traffic reports within internal and Board reports and/or meetings for organisational discussion and development.

We will take reasonable actions to ensure your anonymity.


When purchasing products at our online shop, we will process transaction-related personal data, such as your first and last name, mailing and shipping address, phone number, email address. Payment information will be handled by Stripe.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you want to update, delete, or change any personal information you've submitted, please contact or (03) 365 5199.


Image by Hal Gatewood